A5 Exclusive Pre-Order




The A5 Vertical Growing Kit is designed for easy set up, no glue, no power tools needed, no foundations. Just Assemble, Fill, and power. You’re ready to start growing.

Exclusive Pre-Order Features:

  1. Get our first vine support accessory expected to be launched in Summer 2019
  2. Get access to our exclusive discount package that will make this purchase the deal of the century
  3. Get 1 of 100 exclusively laser etched systems and a Certificate validating its authenticity

Product savings are applied on all 100 exclusive A5 systems!


Height 46.5 inches (3.875 ft.)
Length 64 inches (5.33 ft.)
Width 30 inches (2.5 ft.)
Total Foot Print: 13.325 square feet

Key Features:

  1. Water control
  2. 5 grow channels
  3. Timer friendly to save electricity
  4. Can be hooked up to solar
  5. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  6. Can grow up to 45 full size plants
  7. Can grow vine, root, bulb, leafy greens, some bush type plants and flowers
  8. Comes with Net Cups

That’s the Pinnacle of Farming!