With global hunger on the rise, many farms face challenges in meeting demand due to the high costs of water, land, energy, and labor. Apex Farms Corp. has developed a Vertical Farming System to address this need. Using patented and patent-pending technology, the hydroponic system can grow a wide variety of plants, including vine plants, root plants, flowers, and greens. The planting rows are stacked to reduce overall resource use but are fully accessible for harvesting from the ground – no need for conveyor belts, scaffolding, or complex machinery. Ultimately, the company wants to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and allow clients to fully customize their farm.

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Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.
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Executive Team

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Founder and CEO

Alex Leo

Alex has been at the helm of both private and public companies since 2013. With over 15 years of computer technology experience and over seven years of sales and marketing experience. Mr. Leo is also the co-inventor for the patents owned by Apex Farms Corp.

Vice President of Prefabrication

Rob White

Rob has worked as a staff master carpenter at Temple University for two and a half years. With over 16 years carpentry experience and over 5 years welding experience.