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Our Story

Apex Farms Corp. was founded on the belief that all people should have access to food. With an ever growing population set to exceed over 9 billion people by 2050 it will be increasingly more difficult to feed such a large population. Currently close to 800 million people do not have access to fresh food. Using our current methods of growing food we are struggling to feed 85% of our current populus. Adding to the delema, roughly 80% of the earths water is used for irrigation for agriculture. Roughly 90% of that water is dispersed to everywhere but the roots of the plants. By 2030 the earth will be in a fresh water deficit of nearly 40%. Our growing methods must change. Fortunately many water conserving farming systems and methods are being developed around the globe. This growing industry is proving to be inovative and eager to find the right solution to fit our human needs. Currently the far majority of the systems availible are not economically friendly and require a drastic change to the "farmers business model". Thats where Apex Farms Corp. shines. Our system is not only cost efficient, but its also environmentally friendly, space friendly, resource friendly, and able to grow in a wide spectrum of environments including outdoors. Our goal is to deliver a transitional piece of equipment as an option to existing farmers, entry farmers, residential customers, and even resturants that is able to easily be easily deployed and show large returns relatively quickly while still being affordable.

Our Mission

Apex Farms Corp. designs highly practical vertical growing systems that even the little guy can afford! We have analyzed, challenged, and worked out a system for growing food that can be accessible to everyone at the lowest possible price! We see our community as the world at large, standardizing our farming method to create jobs, cultivate healthier eating opportunities, and reducing the carbon footprint is our main focus.

Our Vision

We at Apex Farms Corp. envision a world filled with efficient farming systems that cover all of our practical food needs as a world. However these systems will also drastically cut down on land, water, energy, labor, and costs.

Executive Team

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Founder and CEO

Alex Leo

Alex has been at the helm of both private and public companies since 2013. With over 15 years of computer technology experience and over seven years of sales and marketing experience. Mr. Leo is also the co-inventor for the patents owned by Apex Farms Corp.

Vice President of Prefabrication

Rob White

Rob has worked as a staff master carpenter at Temple University for two and a half years. With over 16 years carpentry experience and over 5 years welding experience.

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Client’s Testimonials

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"Apex Farms is really great, their team got the system up in a timely manner. They are very informative to the buyer and offer great support"

Shay Thompson - First Apex Verical Customer