Apex Farms Corp.

Our Vision

We at Apex Farms Corp. envision a world filled with efficient farming systems that cover all of our practical food needs as a world. However these systems will also drastically cut down on land, water, energy, labor, and costs.

Our Mission

Apex Farms Corp. designs highly practical vertical growing systems that even the little guy can afford! We have analyzed, challenged, and worked out a system for growing food that can be accessible to everyone at the lowest possible price! We see our community as the world at large, standardizing our farming method to create jobs, cultivate healthier eating opportunities, and reducing the carbon footprint is our main focus.

Nevada Corporation

Common stock
Authorized Shares: 150,000,000
Outstanding Shares: N/A
Float: N/A
Par Value: .0001
Nevada Secretary of State


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  • 2017
    • Beginning our services
    • Offering More Products
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Alexander M. Woods-Leo

Alexander M. Woods-Leo