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- Update August 5, 2021

Please Note:

The company gets a lot of inquiries as to the status of its relationship with Novagant Corp. trading on OTC Pinks under Ticker NVGT. Apex Farms Corp. is no longer an affiliate of Novagant Corp. As of May 6, 2021, None of the board members or its employees including Mr. Alexander M. Woods-Leo has affiliation to Novagant Corp. Apex Farms Corp. is merely an investor in Novagant Corp. and retains common shares. Novagant Corp. has its own management and is an entirely separate company. All personal shares of Alexander M. Woods-Leo held in Novagant Corp. have been sold.

Apex Farms Corp. must follow Pro-rata rules with regards to any distributions of assets. Apex Farms Corp. does have Liabilities and preferred holders. The company cannot guarantee that any distribution will make it to common shareholders given the assets to liabilities ratio and the preferred holders in Apex Farms Corp.

Alexander M. Woods-Leo would also like to inform shareholders of Apex Farms Corp. that he has declined to take any shares in association to any distribution of assets held by Apex Farms Corp. in the coming days. This means but is not limited to, "If" shares held in other companies are distributed in any way, Mr. Alexander M. Woods-Leo will be declining to receive a share payout directly.

Please keep an eye out for an email pertaining to further information at some point the company sees fit.

If you are a shareholder then please contact our transfer agent with regards to your shares at

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